1.-ORGANIZING AND PURPOSE OF THE DRAW. CREACIÈNCIA SL with registered offices at C / Juan de Sada, 49, basses, 08028 Barcelona, fitted with CIF B-65212417, carried out through participation in the “Curiosities” from its website: www.creaciencia. as, a book with a lot to offer fans a gift users activities CreaCiència.

2. timeframe DRAW. The activity is to draw the gift of the book is based on participation in the response to a question weekly, beginning in the week of September 25, 2014, a conclusion that is not certain.

3.-TERRITORIAL SCOPE OF THE DRAW. The draw will be held among all users of the website and over 18 years during the term of the draw successfully complete the participation form.

4.1) General Concept: Users participate by answering the question of the week, that changes regularly and is in the “Curiosities” the website.
4.2) CREACIÈNCIA Inc. reserves the right to automatically declassify those investments that do not meet the requirements set out in these Rules or under his discretion, be unpleasant or detrimental to the interests of others or the reputation of CREACIÈNCIA and any types of discrediting or denigration.

5.-COMMUNICATION DRAW. The draw will be published on the website in the same section “Curiosities” which raises the question of the week. This publication can be shared via social networks Facebook and Twitter.

6.-Form. To participate in the raffle will be required to complete all the user data usually applied in the form of participation that can be found in the “Curiosities” the website quoted.

7.- PRIZE. The prize draw is a book that gives free Dani Jimenez winner.

8.-ELECTION OF WINNING. The prize will be drawn among all users who have correctly answered the question of the week. The draw will be made using the online tool “random numbers generator, without repetitions.” The selected will win the prize specified herein and in the “Miscellaneous” of the website.

9.1) The prize awarded is personal and not transferable, so if this is not accepted by the user graceful, CREACIÈNCIA would contact the following user ranking winners. In case you could not contact with this, is to contact the following person. The prize can not be exchanged for cash money or any other prize.
9.2) The participant agrees to CREACIÈNCIA may use your personal data, especially email, to send informational purposes communications activities of the company.

10. NOTICE TO AWARD WINNERS AND CONFIRMATION. CREACIÈNCIA will contact the user to formalize awarded the prize. The way to be in touch by sending an email stating that the winner has been chosen and the method of delivery of the prize.

11.1) The participants in the draw allow their data to be used in accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the protection of personal data, to report on new developments and activities CREACIÈNCIA
11.2) the data included applied in an automated CREACIÈNCIA property for the purposes described in the preceding paragraph. The participant may exercise his right of access, opposition, rectification or cancellation or oposition, directing your request in writing to the mail. Once the draw CREACIÈNCIA retain the data that we have provided participants with the aim of reporting on new developments and activities.
11.3) The mechanics of lottery requires that data be provided in a complete and accurate and are kept updated through the cooperation of the participants. If personal data were false, incomplete or outdated CREACIÈNCIA would be released in respect of specific cases, the good end of the draw and any consequences related to the previous, arriving in the latter case no tax benefit from the draw.

12.1) CREACIÈNCIA reserves the right to cancel or suspend the drawing up at any time, or change something (s) of condition (s) if for technical reasons or other measures beyond his will could not meet the normal development of the same, as stipulated in these Rules and feel right without compensation or compensation.
12.2) also CREACIÈNCIA be declared invalid if it detects irregularities in the draw identifying details of the winning contestants.
12.3) may not participate in the promotion of the following people: employees and relatives to the first degree of consanguinity of the entity.
12.4) CREACIÈNCIA not responsible for the accuracy of the data provided by participants.
12.5) Any fraudulent or abusive use of these rules by the participants, will result in the automatic removal of these participants.
12.6) Accordingly, CREACIÈNCIA not responsible for any damages
nature incurred by the irresponsible use of the award is made.

13.1) This sweepstakes shall be governed by the laws in force in Spain.
13.2) For any dispute that may arise in the interpretation and application of these rules, both CREACIÈNCIA as participants in this promotion are subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Barcelona waiving their own jurisdiction if any.
13.3) CREACIÈNCIA reserves the right to take legal action against those who carry out any act that could be considered falsification or manipulation of the draw.

14. ACCEPTANCE OF THE RULES. Informed potential participants that the mere fact of taking part in the prize draw implies acceptance of these rules and the specific lot in question. The demonstration against by the participant, this implies the exclusion of the draw and CREACIÈNCIA be released from its obligations to comply with this participant.

October 9, 2014